Finding a right winter gifts, women winter shopping instincts alarm about the winter season even before temperature starts falling. Winter comes every year, but still shopping for coats and jackets is inevitable, so it always makes a great gift for men and women alike.

The latest trends and creative designs by top designers never fail to arouse the temptation, especially in women. Nothing can keep them away from filling their wardrobe with the latest winter collection. It’s not just for style, but winter coats and jackets keep you warm from the freezing temperature. Overcoats and jackets combine style with utility for women as well as men. It’s going to be the most important apparel in your closet during the season. And, if you have chosen the right piece according to the body shape, then it can add a world of charm to the overall looks. These tips will help you out to choose the right winter wear, even when you’re choosing a gift for someone else –

  1. There is a difference in what you are wearing for your regular or daily wear and the one you would like to wear in clubs and parties. For daily wear, woollen fabric is the best. It looks stylish and keeps you warm. For taking your children to park or going for a jog, you may require a jacket that gives a sporty look. You might pick a weekend overcoat for going to an outing like a movie or dinner. The weekend overcoat has to be very pretty with detailed designs and pattern. These overcoats are to be worn above something. Make sure that the overcoat gels well with other items in the wardrobe.

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  1. Oversize women always have a problem in finding the perfect overcoat. Generally, what they like may not be available in their size, or they may not like the models in which their size is available. Oversize women need to dress up with the motive of looking thin and not out of shape. Wearing loose clothes has been a longing misconception amongst plus size women. On the contrary, this will make them look even fatter. Choose well fitting jackets; good fit doesn’t mean body hugging. Coats with belt are more advisable if you’re planning to choose a gift for plus-size women. You can also find a lot of unusual gifts for plus-size men from popular stores like The great gift company.
  1. Busty women, on the other hand, can wear short length or hip length coats. Leveraging on your legs will shift the focus from the upper body. Avoid long coats as much as possible. Mid thigh length still looks good enough, but you should not be picking anything lengthier than that. Wearing single and big button jackets will make you look less busty. For more elegant look, you can even try wearing coats with waist ties or belts.

The luckiest women of all are the ones having hourglass body shape. They have numerous options to experiment with their look. They can wear jackets with any length. For short women, length of the coat should be equal or less than an inch above knees but not more than that.


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